Water based, highly flexible liquid laminate provides UV protection

* Acrylic resin architecture provides superior performance
* UV inhibitors provides fade resistance
* Superior quality Aliphatic resins clarity, d-max and perceived color enrichment to inkjet printed substrates
* Self-leveling
* One versatile formulation for a wide range of applications
* Available in 1 liter, 3.8 liters, and 18.9 liters
* Available in Gloss and Satin

* One coat application for most substrates
* Complete optical clarity
* Longevity against UV fading
* Easy clean up with water
* Dry to the touch in 10-20 minutes, curing time between 12-24 hrs. before stretching
* Can be used on a wide variety of substrates.
* Environmentally friendly. V.O.C. compliant
* Excellent flow-out and levelling characteristics for ease of application with foam brushes, foam rollers or HVLP sprayers.

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